Riesling’s for the Rappers

The Huffington Post has made claim that the newest favourite on the block is no longer the J-Lo of the wine world, Cristal, but Riesling. Yes, who would have guessed it.

As the owners of Hush Puppies would attest, the attention of the Hip Hop community is not a bad one to have, as they were nearing bankruptcy only moments before a select few downtown folk embraced them. They soon were a cult product, seen on runways and became a revival that even the owners of the brand couldn’t comprehend.

This may soon be the case of Riesling. Having shaken off the bad reputation of Blue Nun from the 80’s, Riesling has always remained a wine geeks favourite, but may of attracted another, all be it different, reputation.

Fabolous Ft Lloyd Banks – Riesling and Rolling Papers

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