Healthy bottles makes for happy wine

We are truly chuffed at the recent coverage that the Guardian and Time Out has given us, and we are super pleased to see new and interested folks coming down to Wilton Way to visit.

Last Saturday was one of our busiest days yet, and some had even brought down some of their bottles from home to be used with for our wine. As much as we really appreciated their efforts, we weren’t able to use them.

The bottles we use have been chosen for two reasons. Firstly, they are new – so they don’t have any unhealthy bacteria in them and are deemed safe for food products.

Secondly, is that the seal is air proof, and therefore extends the life of the wine by limiting the amount of air that can enter the bottle and therefore reducing the opportunity for oxidisation.

We want to ensure our product is of the best quality, and we want to ensure it gets to you unharmed. By offering the wine in a bottle we endorse, allows us to ensure quality control.

If you think you think that your bottle has been damaged please bring it in, and if you need a replacement we will be happy to provide one. We want your bottle to be have a long and fruitful life.


Once you have finished the bottle of wine, please rinse the bottle immediately. This will prevent mould, or drying of the wine in the base of the bottle and ensure that your bottle remains clean and ready for the next time you wish to refill. There is no need to use detergents. Leave the lid open and allow it to dry naturally. If you wish to use the dishwasher you can do so, but remove the lid from the bottle so as the rubber seal doesn’t dry out and crack.

One Response to “Healthy bottles makes for happy wine”
  1. Mark Ryan says:

    Having had a supermarket development built next to my business over the last two and a half years, and know a Majestic set to open down the road. I have been looking at other ways of competing against the big boys. I am very impressed with your set up, and after reading the article in the Guardian I was very interested in your bulk wine sold from barrels.
    Would you be prepared to give me some idea as to were I might be able to source both barrels, bottles and wine in bulk. We have already diversified into having a bar were our customers can buy at shelf price and pay £5 corkage to drink what they want, and are blessed with a lounge on the first floor where we have music twice a month and a comedy club once a month. Both have been popular and we now sell out every event. As an independent we are looking to add different slants to our business and if you could help us in any way I would be very grateful.
    I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.
    Kind Regards,
    Mark Ryan

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