Neighbourhood Profile: E5 Bakehouse

It feels like the neighbourhood just gets better and better with each day, and this week an example of this bettering goes to the great E5 Bakehouse.

I completely missed the upgrade that they have made to the much larger site 8 doors down from the original.. I must of been sleeping. But what a great improvement for us all.

You couldn’t get much different from the original, and although the original was quite charming – small nooks, hands without faces handing you loaves was all a bit cloak and dagger.. Now we have light expansive space, tables to eat and have coffee, and generally a very lovely space to hang out amongst the bread.

They have changed the ovens to a more commercial style, but this is understandable now that they are growing and they need to expand. I think that we can all get caught up in the romance of ‘rustic mud oven’ dreaming but I haven’t seen any changes in their great loaves since they have changed, and if there is more chance of them not selling out, then I am a happy customer.

If you haven’t been down there yet, do. They also deliver but then you would be missing out on checking out their new digs!

E5 Bakehouse

Arch 395
Mentore Terrace
London E8 3PH

PH:0754 830 0244

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