BLUSH – It’s the season for rosé!

Hurrah! It’s summer, and the best way to define this, is not through the usual route of temperature or of volume of sunshine hours. It is by the volume of rosé you all are drinking. And if we are to judge this summer by consumption of rosé, then we are in for a long and successful season.

Rosé comes in many different styles, so it really allows to be drunk at any time of the year. This begs the question why has rosé become synonymous with summer?

Perhaps it is because pink in a glass is fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and can be much more versatile than whites.

Château St.Estève de Néri Expression du Terroir Rosé 2009 is a good example of this style. This little bottle is your classic Provence rosé – Fresh, crisp and dry with lovely summer berry fruit. And at £8, what’s not to love?

Another rosé of ours which is worthy of a mention is the Château Grézan Cinsault Rosé 2009, otherwise known as one part of the famed cross Pinotage (Cinsault was called Hermitage and it was crossed with Pinot Noir, hence..) This grape is hugely popular in the Languedoc as it is hardy in the heat. Heat or not this is freshly floral, and while remaining crisp it has more stride than you might initially give it credit for.

If you like things with a bit more backbone then the Domaine des Tourelles Rosé 2009 is for you. A blend of Cabernet, Syrah and Cinsault, this wine has structure, and delicious wild berry fruit. Winemaker Fouzi wanted to make a rosé that held it’s own in the room. He has done that well, and we would even suggest that it really is best with food. Yes. Rosé with food. Get to it, you’ll be pleased you did.

And then for those BBQ’s, days in the park, or as one of you did recently, for a day harvesting your potatoes in your allotment – we have the barrel. Rosé is now a regular option with our re-fill wines…At least while the sun shines.

See you in the pink-time!

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