Welcome to Deal – Our new shop’s opening in Kent

When we first came and visited, it became quickly apparent that this town isn’t like many other seaside resorts of England. Small independent stores sit higglety-piglety side by side and the lovely old castle, resembling the great Tower of London make this small corner rich in character. The old boats on the coastline with the old fish signs adds to the authenticity of the town. And this town is now our new home – Last night was our first day as new shop keepers in the lovely seaside town of Deal, Kent.

Olivier and Benoit- Our Borough Wines team at Deal, put on a great event last night to celebrate their arrival. Prosecco on tap – the best party starter was flowing, full rounds of cheese and a great collection of locals and friends from London helped warm us into our new home.

The shop, once a newsagent, sits opposite the church and is part of a great collection of other small stores. The shelves on the side, once holding newspapers and magazines, conveniently hold wine bottles as if they were made for it.

In an ode to Bastille Day, our fabulous friends and family dressed the part to welcome the French celebrations.

It soon became very busy with folks helping us celebrate.

Make sure you make yourself known to the gents when you come and visit. They are friendly and super keen to make new friends in their new home by the ocean.

We look forward to meeting you down by the sea soon.

5 Responses to “Welcome to Deal – Our new shop’s opening in Kent”
  1. Gabriella Coscia says:

    Sorry to point out an error to you but Deal, Kent isn’t a village it is a town of 35,000. I wish you luck in your venture. Deal isn’t just independent stores but a combination of chain and independent stores.

  2. The small town with a ‘village’ feel LOL – Welcome to Deal! 🙂

  3. tara says:

    another good reason to visit Deal!
    congratulations x

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