Neighbourhood Profile: Violets Cakes



The site where Violets lie was a grey and lifeless block on a quiet street in East London all but a year ago.. And then something quite fabulous happened.

Violets started in 2005, by Claire Ptak. Originally from California, Claire began selling her cupcakes at Broadway Market and in the spring of 2010 opened up her HQ on Wilton Way.

It is amazing that in only a few months the little street of Wilton Way has begun to expand to what it is now – And Violets, has been integral to the blossoming of the street.

The cupcakes are delicious, but the macaroons are by and large the best things that I have eaten in a long time.

I have to buy 2.

One to eat as I exit the shop and walk to my house (all but 20 steps away) and the other that I can savour with a cup of tea.

Go on, treat yourself.

Violet Cakes

47 Wilton Way

P: 020 7275 8360

Open every day except Mondays.

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