The joy of drinking outside

There is something quintessentially ‘summer’ about drinking outside. A rare opportunity for most of us during the long cold stretch, we take outside drinking to another level when the sun finally breaks..

Last weekend, in preparation for our first festival of the summer, the discussion for what to drink dominated the conversation for most of the night. Not suprisingly we decided that taking the barrels from the shop was the best solution for us, but probably one that would make us more enemies than friends.

Thankfully, we found an alternative solution to this for the weekend, and we had a fantastic weekend in a field drinking warm rose – a trend that a large proportion of 25,000 other folks tended to be following too.

Another jolly evening drinking outside was the Film on Fridges event that launched last night down at Hackney Wick. An outdoor cinema, in the car-park of the infamous Foreman’s Smokehouse was home to Rocky (the genius 70’s original when Stallone looked less weird) and a group of 8 golden double bassists playing pop classics last night. The drink of the night seemed to be shared bottles of something cold and white, but as the sun dipped, it felt much more a red type of an evening. Even I, sworn off drinking after my 10 litre rose marathon on the weekend couldn’t help but have a tipple. The films continue for many more weeks down there – all with an element of sporty fun..

And this weekend? Well, if it continues to be in the mid 20’s and sunny as predicted, then my bets are on the fruity bubbly styles.

Oliver’s Cider in Medium and Dry, £8

Terra Serena Prosecco Treviso £10

Gilet Vouvray Sparkling £18

Bon Weekend!

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