A Wine Epiphany – My Nostalgia for Nectar

I remember the first day I tried German Riesling. I was working in a wine bar in St Kilda in Melbourne. My new boss, an amazing wordsmith when it came to wine, began to explain to me the benefits of drinking sherry at 11am, and the joys of ze German.

‘Pfft – I don’t do sweet wine…’ I replied, ‘But I do drink occasionally before lunch.’

He then decided to skip the sherry and pour a Kabinett from a vineyard I cannot recall, then began to coach me into it, slowly… and as I began to sip, and followed his tutoring, I began to see the wine’s complexity open up to me.

This was what I call a wine epiphany. I have had many, but nothing like the German. This took my small southern hemisphere-wine experienced mind and expanded it width-wise and everything began to look good..actually, better than good – great.

Now that I am living in the other side of the world, I am suprised that I am not drinking more of this nectar. I had thought that we all would be drinking this ambrosia, but it appears that the drier styles still have most of us enthralled.

Last week was Riesling week, which I bet you knew nothing about.. (10 points to you if you did, you get my job!). I believe perhaps we should extend it to a Riesling Month, as they have done in the great US of A and include all regions that grow this great grape. Let us pay our respects to the amazing N.Z. wines and the cool Australian and other European makers that are about and showcase what great variance and complexity this clever grape can deliver.

We are doing our best to extend our selection of aromatic wines from around the world here at Borough Wines. We soon hope to stock some great German, Hungarian and more Southern hemisphere styles shortly. But for the minute if you wish to come and celebrate this fortuitous time, why don’t you pick up the delicious Manawa Riesling, from the great Bio-dynamic producers from Marlborough for a squeezy £14.



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