Kent’s High Art profile gets great coverage

The Guardian on the weekend shared Kent’s great art gems with it’s readers.

It was a fantastic article under the banner of ‘Cool Brittania’ which highlighted many great things of our nation, particularly the things that are happening along the Kent coast.

They say the revival began in the 1990’s when the nicely-put DFL’s (down from London for those out of the loop) painted the fisherman shacks bright bubble gum colours and then opened up the shabby-chic vintage shops down the High st of Whitstable.

Then they say that it might be the injection of money into Margates Turner gallery that kicked off the interest too. Or was it was the entrepreneur Roger De Haan’s investments into Folkestone’s harbour which did it? Who is truly to know?

I think that perhaps it was bound to happen. It’s proximity to London, the quality of beaches, it’s amazing bounty of produce and it’s unique East coast light – eventually the worlds eyes would be drawn to the attractive face of the Kent coast.

I recently went to the RockSalt restaurant for a meal, where we ate beautiful seafood while watching the tide come in over the harbour. Just behind it is the great Smokehouse Fish and Chippy which we then tried to order more food from until they informed us that they were closing. It was the only dissappointment of the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed Folkestone and wished that my local London restaurants could too provide such value with awesome views. It is a rare thing indeed.

It was then that I decided that I would be spending more time down there, which also happens to be the closest coastline to my front door. Why hadn’t I realised this sooner?

The article is here to read for yourself.

See you by the sea! (don’t forget to pop in and say hello to us, next time you’re down)

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