Who’s serving the best flying wine?

In-flight wine, outside the beautiful world that is ‘left of entry’, is rarely something that we enjoy – rather suffer through in order to pacify ourselves on a long restricted sit.

Recently Skyscanner, the flight search engine sponsored a wine tasting to find out which airline served the best wine. This sounds like a shoe-in for all the premium airlines, who can’t win on price but sell themselves as a more ‘quality’ flight. Suprisingly, this was not the case with the white wine category.  Not only did EasyJet win over many of the ‘premium’ airlines in this category, but that they did so with a wine from France and not the New World.

The New World have been producing more up-front, fruit driven wines that are easy to drink for some time. I had assumed that their approach would have been more appealing. However the results show that the French wines available in the sky dominated the tasting and took 3 of the 10 top spots. This is telling that the French have altered their styles – not only in their fresh modern straight varietals, but with their fresher, drink now, approach.

The red winner was an Argentinian Malbec, which came to no suprise – I think the Argentinian’s make splendid wine for great value. The tasting took to mind that the wines do taste considerably different under pressure and that wines that were more full-bodied and robust were required to counteract the lack of taste we flyers have. (this is no attack on your personality, but the pressure in the cabin makes us all dull!)

I don’t know if I will truly appreciate a glass of wine quite as much as the first glass of Champagne that they pour you in Business (SFU is the only way – if only this was the way all the time…) But at least there is comfort in the consideration that they are considering such things in cattle. Or is there?

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