Wet weather launches wine-toned Fashion

The Guardian paid homage to the gorgeous warm tones of wine today, and what perfect timing this was too.

Yesterday, and for the few days prior, London has been hot and humid – It had to break sooner or later, and today it has with great gusto.

What a perfect excuse to justify whiling away time dreaming up your autumnal wardrobe… We would be doing this with a glass of red in hand, but as it is still early, lets apply this to the colour scheme.

In addition to the gorgeous collection highlighted by the great G, we have done our own collection of inspired outfits for your pleasure.

YMC – A boozy red oversized cable knit jumper  is just the ticket for the ‘I just stole this from the fella, and he gotta be kidding if he thinks it’s coming back’ look.

This colour blocked mohair number is a winner on all levels, mostly because of it’s minimalist vibe, with a big chunk of bright burgundy heart.

Not only is this dress the colour of wine, but it is leopard print AND it is velvet…. 

And lets not forget about the boys here..

This blouson/ flying jacket is a lovely item, and unlike lots of the mens clothing out there this coming season, it is a colour…

And for the one with a bit of Dean swagger, this jacket is a shade of lovely aged burgundy, and is probably in the same ball park, price wise, for a bottle of it’s finest.

Happy rainy day.

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