We’re all going on a Ho-loire-day…

This time next week I will be sunning myself on the river Loire, with a glass of one of it’s fine wines.

I am not writing this in attempt to make you envious – I am sure you all have had or about to have, your own fabulous holiday – and my trip is with my mother, and this isn’t to everyone’s taste. But I am very excited and mostly because we are heading to one of my favourite regions of wine production, and I plan to get more friendly with some..

I recently did some investigation into the world of the Loire wines that we stock here at Borough Wines. Here are two wineries that I plan to visit whilst I am away…

Saumur Champigny makes a straight Cabernet Franc which we stock, and it happens to be right next door to where we are staying, so I’m going to pay them a visit. One of the great rock’n’roll producers of the region, Mr Thierry Germain, harvests his grapes by hand and lets his vines ‘struggle’ so as to produce less fruit but ultimately one with more concentration. This is going to be a fascinating place to visit..

Another vineyard that I am very excited about visiting is the Domaine Poiron Dabin. These guys produce the Muscadet, Pinot Gris, the Rose Tuille and my favourite and quite unique, Folle Blanche. This winery is located a little further west from Saumur, away from the river, about 15km from Nantes. This will also be a treat to visit, as they look to be a little larger an operation, but still family run.

So although you aren’t coming with me, you still can tap into the Loire this week, by enjoying a glass from either of these two vineyards, or many of the others that we stock.

Bonnes Vacances!

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