The Art of Bottle Maintenance

As most of Borough Wines’ customers own one – or several – refill bottles, we thought we should remind you all of the best way to keep your wine fresh. If you keep your bottle in good condition, your wine will be in good condition. Remember your bottle is your best friend.The bottle itself comes from good stock. It is an Italian swing top bottle, originally used for the storage, and repeated purchases of olive oil. The bottle is made of the finest Murano crystal (and the swing-tops are made from bone & platinum). But what it is, is a great invention, that made liquid storage very easy and safe. This is the closest mankind has gotten to airtight sealing in the XIXth century.
What this bottle also does, is remove the dreaded ‘Bottle Shame’. No one wants their neighbours raising eyebrows whilst glancing at the overflowing recycling bin. So you completed your PHD, or your cousin just had his Bar Mitzvah, or if it was your engagement party  – With the reusable bottle (or the multiples of thereof) these reputation problems are over.
So here are our suggestions to keeping good bottle:
1. PERMANENTLY KEEP WINE IN IT. If it is empty only on the way to the shop and back, it’s all cool. The only maintenance the bottle really needs is a good rinse. Just use hot water (if you’re a young mum still concerned about the germs you can use boiling water to sterilize it), shake it well, and let it drip off and dry. That’s all it needs.

2. DON”T SEAL IT WITH ANY MOISTURE INSIDE. The only time to store your bottle closed is when its totally and absolutely dry. Just a bit of moist is fair enough to trigger some mould aromas to produce inside the bottle. Mould is only good in cheese.

You may be tempted to get them acquainted, especially if you forget the first 2 points, but please don’t. Lemon suds just don’t go away and you will be forced to look blankly at your guests when they start describing the wine as soapy, or worse still when they start blowing bubbles.
Your bottle is your best friend. Make it look individual, dress it into a collection of stickers. Mark the number of times it has been refilled with a marker pen on it… If you have some time, you can knit a nice bottle pouch for it! And most importantly, do not in any case leave it behind on friends BBQ or house parties. They have their own and you don’t want your bottle to get lost in the sea of others (maybe less loved than yours)
If you keep yourself to these simple guidelines, you are guaranteed for unlimited refills, and your good old swingtop will never let you down.

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