Lebanese Wine gets a mention

In Saturday’s paper, Lebanese wine got a mention in the travel section of the Guardian.

I was so pleased to see this, not only because another wine region was mentioned as a destination for holiday goers (always a favourite of mine), but because Lebanon is getting some long awaited coverage for their fantastic wines.

We have been the exclusive stockists of Domaine des Tourelles now for some time, and even earlier in the year had Faouzi Issa over to speak about his range. We travelled over to Lebanon ourselves to meet with them initially, and saw for ourselves the amazing Bekaa Valley.

The video, that you can see here, introduces 4 of the winemakers of the region, the famous Chateau Musar, which most of us will be familiar with, Domaine des Tourelles, which we stock, Chateau Belle Ville and Massaya Vineyard.

The link of the history, both ancient and modern, is firmly embedded into the valley and the attitude of the winemakers. How can you look past the ancient references to vines in the Roman ruins of Bacchus? Nor can you ignore the modern warfare, be it in a cluster bomb or in the potential disruption of harvest. It is what it is, and it makes it more incredible that the winemaking continues, and the passion drives these makers to produce beautiful, complex wines which reflect this unique terroir.

We are always talking about our fantastic Lebanese wines from Domaine des Tourelles, but not a gimmicky alternative to the French. These wines holds their own and offers a whole new alternative world for you all to explore. Its not often that a whole wine growing region is exposed to us to investigate, even rarer when they have been doing it for 5000 years.

Domaine des Tourelles Rose 2009 £14

Domaine des Tourelles 2005 Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon £14


Domaine des Tourelles Marquis des Beys 2004 £25

Domaine des Tourelles Syrah du Liban £45







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