Top 5 wine carafes

Only when do you begin to look, do you realise how much awful product design is out there. There are the classic designs, the ones that have been around for centuries and for good reason, but contemporary design just fails to inspire most of the time.

But then you see things that are truly beautiful, and your faith is restored. Some folks are doing some beautiful things with glass at the moment, and the following 5 are our top tips to pour your wine into.

Seletti do amazing design, and these science experiment carafes are just the ticket. They remind me of Breaking Bad, and I am Mr White or should I say..Heizenberg.

These beautiful shaped carafes snug up together to form a whole heart. Now, it wouldn’t be fair if you only had half a heart, now would it?

This Swedish design team make a lot of beautiful carafes, but I particularly like the idea of a rainfall in my glass, and for more practical purposes would oxygenate the wine well.

This beautiful sculpture is something that I can only appreciate from afar. I just don’t trust myself. Or my friends for that matter..

Last but by no means last, is the Seletti soda bottle range. I was given one of these last year as a gift and treasure it so..

3 Responses to “Top 5 wine carafes”
  1. spiltwine says:

    hey what are the prices on these??

    I like the heart one…but a good ole’ milk bottle is always nice to use…and cheap!
    Just found out the few available glass milk bottles here in good ole’ USA are bigger (of course they would be) then those in Blighty…
    The aerating one is quite cool too.

    • boroughwines says:

      If you click on the images you will find a link to the items, but I hate to say it – I fear that they might be expensive. The Seletti bottles are within reach of most of us, but the branch decanter is definitely a special gift – to yourself or others. Glass milk bottles are harder to come by these days, but they do still exist – I just found out recently that I can still have my milk delivered which was a pleasant suprise!

  2. Wine Carafe says:

    I really like the second one. The rainfall design. It is because this does not vary to the design alone. I agree with you that it oxygenate the wine well. We all know that wine need to be oxygenate to be more flavorful.

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