Borough Wine concessions in the neighbourhood

You may have seen recently a late blooming of barrels in the neighbourhood..

Local neighbourhood shops are taking the lead and are now offering our barrel wine in their stores. Palm 2, on Lower Clapton Road was our first, which was welcomed in with music and some mighty fine hot weather two weeks ago..

The mood was fantastically buoyant, and the lovely Abdullah served us some complementary prosecco to welcome in the new addition. The barrels will be a fantastic new addition to the already massive range of goodies that they offer Lower Clapton.

It appears, after Tesco moved in next door, that Abdullah took on the challenge and Palm 2 lifted their game to directly compete with the giant. By providing an alternative to the bland options of supermarkets, Palm 2 began to offer an increasingly varied options with specialised items such as cooked products and now the barrel wine. From all accounts it looks like a roaring success and I am very jealous that Palm 2 isn’t around the corner to me.

Another great new concession of Borough Wines, is the great Deli Downstairs, on Victoria Park Village.

If you live nearby, the process is exactly the same – you bring your bottle, or buy one there, and fill up. The wine is the same currently in all stores.

We hope to continue the expansion of our barrels to make it easier for us all to top up – convenience is key!

Palm 2

152 -156 Lower Clapton Rd E5 0QJ

The Deli Downstairs

211 Victoria Park Road e9 7JN

020 8533 5006

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