Hubbub launches in East London

On the subject of supermarkets, the justification of ‘convenience’ pops up a lot. Everything is just there, you don’t have to drive to shop to shop or worse, drag shopping to shop to shop.. And if you work, then most of the smaller retailers are closed by the time you want or need something for dinner.

I first found out about Hubbub after a new friend of mine, Nicola began working for them. It seemed like a fantastic idea, but a premium option for the time restricted – and anyway, they didn’t deliver to East London, so it wasn’t a choice I could make at the time..

However, on Tuesday, Hubbub launched East London. To celebrate this exciting development, they put on a party at the E5 Bakehouse arch, and showered us with food from their fantastic suppliers. And what I found out was that it wasn’t a premium option at all, but a perfect alternative to our reliance to the convenience of the SUPERmarkets.

But first to the food..

The delicious smoked salmon from Hansen & Lyderson was amazing. With variations from the normal which included Cardamon and Anise infused it was a real eye opener to what flavours the fish can adopt.

The fantastic La Fromagerie produced a beautiful range of different cheeses which all smelt lovely and ripe and right across from them sat the lovely Paul A Young Chocolatiers.

There was a constant huddle towards the back, which was where we sat with our barrels (wine has that effect on people) but this soon moved forward to the front of the shop when the lovely Marisa, the founder of Hubbub, began to talk.

To celebrate this exciting expansion, she cut the huge pork pie (delivered by the lovely boys from The Ginger Pig), ceremoniously, It was a great way to launch and I was reminded of how many great retailers we have at our doorstep.

So what is Hubbub? A home delivery service that delivers from your local retailers. The prices you pay are the same as you would if you were to do it yourself, and you simply pay delivery charge (3.50!). I think that having them do my shopping sounds quite fine, and I will be joining the many who have already clocked on to this great service.

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