My favourite places to drink wine

For the last 3 weeks, I have been on a no-fun diet. What’s worse that it’s self inflicted. No fun to me, means no wine (a given) but also no sugar, wheat or dairy. As I am nearing the end of my self inflicted abstinence, I have begun to daydream on where I would love to be, drinking wine, tongue loosened and with a lovely flush to the cheeks.

1. Gordon’s Wine Bar, Embankment

This has to be on all wine drinker’s lists, for the main reason that it can feel like the middle of the night at any time of the day, allowing you to drink in the daytime without any shame or shock of time wasting as the light disappears. Its damp old walls have housed many a lush and I feel right at home.

2. Vinoteca, Clerkenwell

This little wine focused bar reminds me of a bar I used to work at in Melbourne, and I feel nostalgic every time I go. I love the kitchen that is part of the space, and the staff are so relaxed and at ease it makes me feel the same.

3. Terroirs, Charing Cross

Which ever way to feel about natural wine, you still can’t look past the great Terroirs for bringing them and other interesting makes and makers to our attention. Every time I go to Terroir I am faced with a wine list that is utterly unique and the joy of choosing is huge.

4. Champagne Bar, St Pancras

Cheesy over-priced bar on the platform might not do it for some, but for me it is the best way to start a trip across to Paris, and this just adds a bit more fuel to my giddy.

5. Home

There is something to be said about pj’s, pouring yourself something lovely and staying in.

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