Saturday’s Tasting – The Director’s Cut

It is always fun to meet the maker. The reason is simple. No-one knows more about the piece of art, than the author/sculptor/painter himself. Same thing is true in the case of winemakers. They are the ones that can bring you to deeper understanding of their wines. In our case, the ones from Sancerre.

Borough wines is lucky enough to have the fantastic Loire range of the Gitton family on borad. And on Saturday Mr Pascal Gitton will personally present his wines to the public on Borough market. If you have any questions, feel free to come arouond and ask Pascal about Sauvignon Blanc, about the Sancerre Terroir. Once there, have a glass with him too.

The estate was fonded in 1945 with only one acre in the village of Sancerre, and these days it is 27 hectares. What makes Sancerre so exciting? It is the perfect combination of soil, climate and varietal, to create the typical, steely-mineral wines we are so fond of. These wines are the ultimate seafood companions.

I think the main reason why we find them so refreshing lies in the structure. In the upper Loire you get more continental influx that results higher acidity and slimmer body with both whites and reds.

Pascal produces an excellet Sancerre red as well. It is not so well known, but the region has a fair share of Pinot Noir plantations. If you take a flying look on the map (or Googel Earth) you will realise, that Burgundy is not that far away. Yet it is a completely different structure and texture that you may be used to from the Cotes de Nuits or Beaune.

Come around on Saturday, have a taste of Sancerre white or red, and chat with the producer, Mr Pascal Gitton!

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