From humble beginnings, greatness can grow.

It is a subject that can be smothered in all solemness. It is often spoken with such reserve, and disected to one inch of its life, that the world of wine can appear exclusive and difficult to penetrate. But it isn’t always like this.

Of course, when you get down to it, wine is simply farming. And when you get to the vineyards where they are caring for the grapes, you see much less of the pompousness that can be seen at the other end. The end product is the conclusion of the care of the fruit, the water of the year, and any other seasonal changes that may of occurred. It is the timing of the pick, and then the process of the extraction. It is the product of the maker, the decisions that they have made, and the time they have taken at each of the steps they have trodden.

Once this juice has been tinkered with, it is bottled and labelled and boxed and sent off to the various corners of the world, and then it’s journey from humble fruit to precious liquor really begins. Like so many things that then rely upon sales and marketing this humble grape then takes on a world of responsibilities that are heavy upon its little shoulders. It needs to be ‘robust’ with ‘depth’, it needs to have a great ‘body’ and deep ‘character’. It needs to be ‘brilliant’ with ‘elegance’ and ‘Finesse’. Frankly – In human terms, that is near impossible, and yet this little grape and others like it manage often enough, to pull it off.

We believe that wine doesn’t need to be spoken in a way that excludes, but rather includes us all in the greatness of the grape. That is why we have put together the wine club for our customers. This way, you get to see a snippet into one part of the diverse world of wine, one case at a time.

With a two hour tutorial that guides you through the box of goodies, you will begin to develop a wider comprehension of the farming, the seasonality, the weather, the soil.. All the things that maketh the wine without the pompousness. But then, if it is ‘elegant’, with a great ‘body’ and with hidden ‘depth’ then lucky us.


29th NOVEMBER 2011

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