Turkey? I have other ways to be thankful

First of all, thank you to all our American customers for coming over to the UK and sharing their custom with us. We have a few of you that I know by face and others as well by name, and I can say, for the record, that you are all a lovely bunch. But I want to speak for your other contributions, and this is more broad – that your traditional ‘customs’ have also come over..

I want to talk about.. The turkey.

Now, as a concept, I love the idea of Thanksgiving. You get together with your family – brilliant. You eat huge amounts of food – even better, and be thankful of what you have, excellent idea! (We all should do more of that). The problem that I do have, however, is this love of the turkey. The turkey, one of the most ugliest animals on this dear earth, also produces one of the most blandest meats – why, I ask, do American’s love it so?

On my trip around the states, I was often exposed to the love of the turkey in many surprising formats – would you fancy some Turkey Jerky? Turkey Burgers were as common as muck. Turkey Salami was offered in my sandwiches. I couldn’t escape it. How this had happened I don’t know, but turkey had found its niche as a ‘healthy’ meat option. Low in fat? maybe, but then so many other meats also had this going for it, and still retained flavour.

I know the UK doesn’t really embrace the Thanksgiving or the turkey as our American cousins do, but tonight I am thankful. I am thankful this year for the lovely folks in my life. For the city I live in, and the pocket of London that I call home. For you out there eating the bird, we have some lovely Chablis and Petit Chablis that I would be drinking if I were you to enjoy with your dinner.

Enjoy your day however you spend it – turkey or no turkey.


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