Saturday Tasting – Viva La Dislexia with Fuisse and Fume

The world of wine is full of unpronounceable locations, not just in France, although this is common. Sometimes you can look a fool, but we all for the most part are cool with it – it’s part of the fun and education (There is nothing better than being on holiday and finding yourself in a village where you know all about because you love their cheese) But what if two places are called almost the same? This curveball can cause all sorts of problems and issues, especially if the pronunciation plays a part.“So bring me the Pouilly Fuisse!” – I knew he was asking for something different but I had no choice -I had to bring him the wine. I had suggested a wine with oysters. Dozens of oysters to be precise. There were massive city boys around the table, rugby front row folk squeezed in their black suits. You don’t correct their kind. I  knew that I had suggested the Pouilly Fume, but to avoid the embarrassment that he would feel, I went to fetch the ‘Fuisse..

It is these little annoying differences in the world of wine that make it so frustrating yet so enchanting. As I am slightly dyslexic, it took me a hell lot of time to memorize who is who. It was my left-hand-right-hand-challenge of the adulthood.

Even-though they sound like two neighbouring villages, they couldn’t be more different. The distance between the two villages is almost 250 kilometres. While Fuisse is in Chardonnay Land, Fume is the home of the Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire. Located just next to Sancerre this village is a must try for everyone who likes a touch of minerality It is a wine from silex soil. The Sauvignon Blanc becomes surprisingly smoky here, while a few kilometres away in Sancerre it is still “just” citrusy. A stunning terroir for sure. Pouilly Fume is the reason why many Americans refer to the varietal as “Fume Blanc”.

As for the city boy’s I took a punt and swapped the bottles, bringing the Fume out of the cellar instead of the Fuisse. The bloke was really pleased and praised my mind-reading abilities. All faith and humour restored.
If you want to try an excellent example from Mr Gittons winery, come around to Borough  Market on Saturday.

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