What`s Cooking in Deal?

We focus on getting back the wine in its original context: the dinner table. The “What’s Cooking” approach is all that epicurean jazz: good food, great wines, and fantastic company. The launch evening in Deal, Kent, Borough’s coastal stronghold was a fun evening, with surprising wine matches!

“Cobra. Or Kingfisher… no wait, it’s Cobra… Or what’s that one with the Mongoose on the bottle?” – This would be most of the people’s reaction when asked – what would you pair with Indian food? For most of us it is lager – the easiest more or less neutral choice. Some say that wine wouldn’t work. But here we are, busting myths, and we are here to match wine with everything possible. So why not?

Chef Deidre Fenner was a perfect choice to introduce us to indian cooking. The greatness of her style was that she presented us dishes that had a bit of a “home cooking” touch. There were no pre packaged ingredients, no tinned sauces, one gets used touring the Balti restaurants of London.. Just the pure, honest Indian food as it is. Obviously this style takes a lot longer time to prepare, but we had enough wine, and great company around the tables to wait that extra bit longer..

The tables were all set up in a beautiful seasonal way – there was plenty of candlelight  – all you need for the ambiance. All the design was done by Mr Martin Wharton of www.settlehomes.com. All this in the old Astor theatre building, the gathering place of the Deal community for generations – a perfect location for such a feast.

On the menu began a beetroot, spinach and carrot pakoras which were a perfect match with the mildly sparkling Terra Serena Prosecco Frizzante. Just a week ago I already published my opinion about game and Rhone. Well, the main course just reinforced me in my beliefs. Venison saddle roast with Pickle blended perfectly with Borough Wines new Southern Rhone red, the Roche Audrin Cotes du Rhone.

Guess it was the spicy, little bit rare game with the smooth Grenache dominated red wine that did the trick. The Veggie option: Stir Fried Chili Paneer with pickle and spicy tomato sauce was in perfect synergy with the white of the evening – Chateau Roulerie`s Loire Chenin Blanc. The spicy, hot flavour was neutralized by the cool, floral and peary white wine with fresh acidity. The dessert: mango and pomegranate with homemade pistachio ice cream was perfectly complimented by the Quavedo white port.

Alltogether a stunning dinner, with loads of happy foolks around the tables. Keep your eyes open when the “What’s Cooking” is coming to London!

One Response to “What`s Cooking in Deal?”
  1. Sounds like a fabulous evening. We love Indian food and great to hear about the white port – one of our favourites! Hope to attend the next one! Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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