A very exciting year – What 2011 meant for us

Well, call it a super intense year. That’s 2011 for us. I know that retrospective articles are more suited for the end of the year frenzy. But the run-up for Xmas, and then New Years Eve found us busy serving customers at our stores. Thanks for all the support folks! These were some of the highlights of 2011. (and some cool things yet to come!)Right after our shop opened on Wilton Way at the end of April we found ourselves in the middle of the Royal Wedding. It became known later as London`s “Biggest Street Party Celebrating The Royal Wedding”. I think this must have been the biggest crowd Wilton Way ever saw. We were right in the middle of it… It was massive, a little chaotic and altogether a very friendly welcome for our new venture in the heart of Hackney.Following some advice, Borough Wines opened its first ever location outside London. Deal, Kent started as a temporary summer project, but we ended up as a local institution. Visiting the community on our pop up dinner evening lately, it seems like that the community is really happy with the presence of our barrels, and of course, the Prosecco…

We had fantastic special guests at our shops too. Fauzi Issa, of Domaine des Tourelles was the first one to visit. The Rising Star of Lebanon spent a pleasant afternoon with a couple of sommeliers. We tasted Kerrie Boissieus of Chateau Lavernette’s absolutely off the beaten track Beaujolais wines. And we welcomed Lionel Razimbaud, the head winemaker of Chateau Grezan, with all those fantastic Languedoc heavyweight champions.

There were pop up dinners, masterclasses, Wilton Wednesdays, and god only knows what else on Wilton Way, that made life busy and always exciting. But first and foremost, loads of good wines (and beers, and ciders, and for some funny reason, lemonade with 24 Karat gold).

In the meantime we travelled to Bordeaux and Hungary, to get some new wines on the shelves, most of what, you already had a chance to taste either at either of our stores.

And you know what folks, we have a couple of more cards up the sleeve, and we`re not afraid to use them. Here on the blog soon you shall read about our fantastic adventures in Hungary, some exciting stuff about Alsatian wines, and a few ideas about liquid anti-depressants…

But until then, just come down to Borough Market for a sip of wine, We have some exciting stuff on the top of the barrel, let’s have a taste! This Saturday it is a great Alsatian Riesling and Chateauneuf du Pape…Thanks for the support in 2011, and trust me, 2012 will be just as exciting!

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