Trendy Wine – What to look out for in 2012

Like anything, wine has it’s fashionable elements. Things go in style and then promptly out. What was hip to drink in 2011 will soon be thought of as past fancy – The trendy young things will get interested in a whole new ‘something else’.

Here, at Borough Wines, we don’t care for fashion too much, but you can’t ignore the changes that time brings, and what is grabbing our attention too. Things that are getting us hot under the collar are the following…

1. Regional French Sparkling.

Prosecco has been the go-to fun sparkler of choice now for the last 5 years. We just can’t get enough of it. As I heard one of our customers proclaim recently ‘you just don’t get a bad bottle!’. The consistency, value, and off dry style makes this drink the one of choice for most of us, but I predict this is going to change. Regional French Sparkling such as Cremant or Blanquette de Limoux or the great Lavernette Granit that we stock is just the beginning. There are many of these regional sparklings that deserve greater attention over here, and I think in 2012 we will see a lot more.

2. Value

As we have seen for ourselves, value for money is a great draw – Our barrels are more popular than ever, and there is a real sense of  ‘getting behind’ something that you can believe in.  Wine that offers no label, no sales patter, just good value easy drinking wine is for everybody. I see this continuing to grow more as this year pans out.

3. The New Frontiers

Our new Hungarian imports have been a huge hit and I predict this is part of the New Frontiers trend of 2012. Any wine that is from the continent that isn’t part of the EU offers greater value for money. This is seen in Lebanese wines that are also growing in popularity thanks to Chateau Musar’s fame which has brought the country’s wine to our attention. Our range of Lebanese wines, Domaine des Tourelles remains as popular as ever.

4. Aromatic Whites

Moving on from the firm trend of the naughties so far, the ‘dry white wine’ I see that people are going to fear less for the richer more aromatic wines and see a whole new world open up to them. It may be a little tricky, navigating the new world of the Pinot Gris, and the Riesling and the Tokaji, but I think by the end of the summer we will see more narrow skinny bottles on tables. Fact.

5. Txakoli and other low alcohol wines

Anyone who has been to the Basque region will know about Txakoli. A fresh, green wine with a slight sparkle and low alcohol that is bone dry. No other drink looks as much fun as the bartenders pour this wine from a great height, adding more air into the wine and to show off to the girls. The green wines of Portugal are not dissimular and are also meant to be drunk young. These are fantastic wines to drink as an aperitif super cold.

So which will be the hits of 2012? We will just have to wait to see how our predictions pan out.

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