A modern approach to a wine cellar

A wine cellar is such a grown-up concept to me. It is something that I aspire for – to be able to have the self control to put something down for longer than a day. However the wine cellar also has a very out of date image, one of stuffy wine collectors and investments and wines you aren’t allowed to touch.

But I think these ideas are out of date. The idea of a modern day wine cellar is one that we should invest in but also one you can enjoy. There may be some wines that are best left untouched for a while, but it should also contain wines that you can enjoy when you like. I like the idea of a collection that you have, over time curated naturally and organically, like you would your food cupboards.

A friend of mine decided a few years ago, that she would stop drinking bad wine. By living in the wine desert of Limehouse with only the Costcutter to keep her warm at night, this declaration meant she had to plan ahead. Her approach to a modern wine cellar is a combination of a mix dozen from Majestic monthly and a road trip to rural France. Buying direct from the vineyards as many Brits have done for ever offers great savings and also makes it personal. The Majestic (or any other retailer like us for example) meant the cellar had some ‘exclamation’ points that made it interesting.

At Christmas, when everyone is drinking more and then some, we sold some very interesting mix dozens. We offered a pre-selected range of wines under the banner of ‘regional’, ‘indulgent’ or ‘luxury’ which proved popular in Borough Market but less popular in Wilton Way. What we found on Wilton Way was that people preferred to pick their own favourites and at times be guided by us to curate a special dozen to take home.

Christmas was the first time in some time that I had more than one bottle of wine in the cupboard. My wine cupboard was the best thing about the season for me, better than any of the gifts I received. The excitement of opening it up, and choosing from the wines especially chosen for the day filled me with giddy happiness and it feels somewhat wrong to only have this feeling once a year. So I am going to indulge in a monthly re-stock of my early beginnings of a wine cellar. Currently in its humble beginnings as a box in a cupboard, I plan to feed it as I would a plant and hope that it will provide me regular joy throughout the year when we can sample the fruits of our labour.


We are continuing our wine club in 2012 for anyone that is interested in starting their modern cellar. We will be posting up our next dozen shortly.



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