Make Your Own Wine? – A novel way to make it personal

The world is getting back into touch with the many things that have long been industrialised and therefore a bit of a mystery. We are all making cheese these days in the back of the laundry, and the handcraft of beer has recently seen a boom of interest. Now, in a corner of Oregon, we see the extension of this interest, but this time, with wine!

With a pre-pack of grape juice, and the sprinkles of wood dust, the wine of Vintners Celler is now being personalised. By paying $295 per 24 bottles, you get the experience of well.. not a great deal it seems. The romantic squashing of the grapes isn’t part of the deal, and the vintners take care of the monitoring of the fermentation while you wait. But you get to do the bottling and the labelling. As someone who has labelled many a case of wine in my teens, I can tell you that this isn’t something that I would be excited about, but perhaps that’s just me..

The owners admit that they are a hard place to find, so perhaps this offer will be what they need to draw the crowds. I do know a certain someone that recently invested in a barrel of whiskey from a distillery in Scotland, so perhaps I am off the mark – We will have to wait and see..

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