The only good thing about Valentines is the booze

We are getting over Christmas, our balances continue to hover at just about empty, and as we pull ourselves out of abstinence, Valentines arrives.

Valentines has always been my least favourite occasion in the greeting card calendar. Although I do like the celebration of love, I wish it wasn’t such a commercial pitch – no one likes to be played.

If you have ever worked in restaurants you will know what Valentines entails. Restaurants full of self conscious couples, all dressed up in an attempt to spark up the romance in the now too comfortable familiarity. Restaurants use the opportunity to sell more Champagne than they do on any other day bar New Year, and yet no one seems to be having that much f-u-n. When did love get so serious?

Meg Pickard is a graphic designer and also a Anti-Valentinist. She even has a blog to spread the Anti- Valentine vibes. Some of her cards are hilarious, and have a hell of lot more humour in them than the sop for the pro-party. You can even buy them at Moo.

Other than that, there are Anti VD parties and gatherings about town, that may be up your street and my particular favourite event is being held at the Natural History Museum. Turn Me On and Turn Me Off is a special one night only event looking at how nature deals with love. If this is any indication of how we as a nation are feeling towards each other, the Turn Me On is unfortunately sold out. Plenty still available for the Turn Me Off.

The best thing about romance, is it takes you by surprise. And you can’t get surprised on Valentines. So right there is the reason why it fails to work. It is far more exciting to receive something when you are not expecting it, and when it is only the two of you that are in on it. So my advice is to boycott Valentines on the 14th. Go and get drunk instead.

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