Online sales and cheapskates Wednesdays

It’s not every day you hear of a business idea that isn’t original (online sales) about an industry that is over subscribed (wine retail) that has a record daily income of over 1 million bucks.

They have been selling wine for over 26 years in a store in New Jersey, but it was in 2006 that they went online. Their online store, Wine Til Sold Out offers the customers wine at record prices, often 50-70% off, and free shipping if you order your minimum. The catch is that they only offer one wine at a time. This  allows them to sell off old stock in a discreet, faceless way, while offering the customer an opportunity to grab a bargain if they pay attention.

The million dollar turn over happens on their marathon days, when they offer more than one wine at a time. The amazing thing is that this website has grown in its popularity purely by word of mouth alone. Often all the wine on offer is sold out within minutes – it reminds me of the £1 hotel room deals that the Hoxton Hotel offers yearly… Brilliant savings, if you can get passed the first hurdle that is..

Only offered in the US unfortunately….




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