L’entrepot’s daytime cafe is now open – focusing on good, local suppliers

For those who have come to visit us this week, you would have noticed that we have many parts to us – wine shop, wine bar, and food in the evenings. Over the next few months more feathers will be added to our hat, but the best thing to have happened in Hackney Downs this week, is the day that the cafe at L’entrepot opened.

The cafe, run by the lovely Jeffrey, really came into its own this week. Offering the best coffee this side of Graham Road, our local commuters now have an option to stop and regroup before and after work.

“One thing that I know is really important is to acknowledge your customers as soon as they walk in” says Jeff. “There used to be this guy who walked past every day at my old place of work. I started to say hello to him, and slowly he and I began to recognise each other each morning. Gradually, after both of us playing this game for a while, he came in for a coffee and then came in every day after that. We became part of his routine, and that’s what I really would like to see happen here.”

It feels as though the cafe is perfectly positioned to become part of the neighbourhood. The location next to the station is great for pre and post work ‘pop-ins’.

“I want us to be the place that helps people through the day – to offer coffee therapy.. Ultimately I want people to leave happier than when they arrived.”

Geoff is keen to support independent suppliers – “People who back themselves, that are artisans of what they specialise in” and this is why they are offering Caravan coffee – the first this side of Kingsland Rd. “The guys at Caravan approach coffee just like I think all things should be approached. It doesn’t need to have fan-fare. It just needs to be GOOD.”

And this applies to all the other suppliers too – He sources the delicious pies from Tom’s Pies – “I wanted a pie that you could eat in your hands, that wouldn’t fall apart. These are all handmade in Dorset, they are all natural ingredients, quality pastries and with fillings that are really generous..”

And the pastries too.. “we are offering Seven Seed Croissants and Pain du Chocolats. (Seven Seeds) are doing it tough at the moment, as their bakery burned down – so they can’t produce bread but they can do pastries, so its nice to support them. We are buying our cakes from Boo, who runs Treacle, on Columbia Road – the most popular is the Guinness and Chocolate cake, but the Earl Grey Tea Cake is perfect for the afternoons.”

But it’s the morning trade that is the most likely to benefit with Jeff getting behind the stove. “My Granola is being talked about from here to the other side of the Borough” he says. “But I can’t tell you what’s in it or I’d have to kill you” . And I wouldn’t like to test him.

L’entrepot cafe is open from 8am Monday to Friday and from 10am on weekends.

230 Dalston Lane, E8 1LA

020 7249 1176

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