David Bailey’s East End

Borough Wines are thrilled to be sponsors of David Bailey’s latest exhibition at Compressor House in the Royal Docks. David Bailey has regularly photographed the East End over the last 50 years, and this series of photographs is a celebration of Bailey’s unique vision of the area that he grew up in.

The opening night was a huge success made even better by the delicious wine and drinks that we served. All of these are available at Borough Wines:

Prosecco Frizzante
This Italian fizz comes from the heart of prosecco land: from vineyards surrounding the town of Conegliano in Treviso, not far from Venice. The wine is mildly sparkling with refreshing elegant bubbles. It is dry with a pleasant amount of apricots and white flowers on the nose and palate. A great aperitif or enjoy all evening long!

IGP Cotes de Gascogne Merlot
This fruit forward smooth merlot is really easy drinking. It is filled with ripe cherry and plum aromas. The wine has medium body and very smooth tannins. Perfect with a light roast or enjoy it with your friends, on its own.

IGP Cotes de Gascogne  Blanc (colombard ugni blanc blend)
A light and easy drinking white filled with crisp acidity and lots of pleasant fruit aromas. It has light body and a nose full of light ripe gooseberry and stone fruit aromas with just a touch of grassy character. Perfect with light summer dishes or on its own.

Elixia 24 karat Gold lemonade: Pure gold leaf has a long tradition in cuisine in both Europe and the Far East. This organic lemonade was given a 24 karat sparkle initially for the Dubai market, but soon found its way to London. Ideal for non-drinkers who want something special or as a glamorous mixer.

The exhibition runs until August 4 at Compressor House, Dockside Road, royal Docks, London E16. For more information go here

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