Borough Wines Olympic Opening at Stokie

We opened our new Stoke Newington shop last Saturday. The One Hackney festival and Torch Relay Parade happened to be on at the same time, so we put a bar on the street and served Prosecco and our other wines from the barrel as well as a delightful Summer Spritzer. The day was a huge success and everyone loved the new space, but especially the wine.

Photographer Kevin Murphy was in attendance – he took some amazing photos of the day and we’ve used some of them here. You can check his other photos from Saturday here, as well as his other work.

The street prepares for the parade

Inside the shop

Our first customer – Stokie local John was very happy with the 7 bottles he purchased

Pint of Prosecco anyone?

The best view of proceedings

Stokey local

Prosecco to go

I think he’s thirsty

Ridiculously photogenic dog says “bye”

All photos © Kevin Murphy 2012

One Response to “Borough Wines Olympic Opening at Stokie”
  1. Gorgeous photos! Every party needs a whippet.

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