Discovering English Sparkling Wine with Nyetimber

English wines were something which even a few short years ago, still raised sneers from both consumers and members of the wine trade, who had to be coaxed into trying them. Fast forward to 2013 and the English Wine industry has blossomed. There are now scores of producers making all variety of wine and some great restaurants serving it. There are 28 producers In the Sparkling category alone (listed here on the English Sparkling Wine website) two of which (Henners and Nyetimber) we sell at Borough Wines.

The Borough Wines team were fortunate enough to be invited down to the Nyetimber estate in April to see the vineyards and taste a few of their wines.  Built on an historic site in Sussex. Nyetimber is tucked away up a country lane visitors are greeted by vineyards planted across rolling hillsides. These specially selected sites were chosen for their suitability to grow the three champagne varietals – Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunièr and Chardonnay.The story of Nyetimber is one of fantastic success. Over the years they have faced many disappointments and challenges, last year they decided not to make any wine due to such poor vintage conditions. However they have also won a number of accolades and are recognised as a pioneer producer of English sparkling wine.

Once there we were taken on a swift tour of the vineyards and shown, first hand, the incredible levels of focus and detail which goes into managing the vineyards. The grapes are 100% estate grown, are hand picked and go through a rigorous selection process before being sent off to be vinified in state of the art facilities.Tasting through their range of wines was both enlightening and encouraging, it was difficult for some to believe that this was indeed the produce of England, the complexity and focus surpassing that of many a Champagne. Everyone had their favourites, but we still had a difficult time deciding on which tasting notes to share, so we’ve craftily borrowed those of Suzy Atkin who also wrote a great piece on Nyetimber this weekend past.

Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs 2007 West Sussex

Dry but creamy, wafting brioche and apricot aromas and tasting of apples. Match with lobster.

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2008
Chardonnay makes up 79 per cent of the blend, delivering light vanilla and pâtisserie aromas and a soft, lemon-meringue flavour, but a dry, fresh finish.

Nyetimber Demi-Sec NV
A new medium-sweet wine with fresh citrus zest and honeyed peach – great with fresh fruit or fruit pastries.


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