will and tom have left the building…

WJ and TM have left the building

Two of the best employees we’ve ever had have left the building…that’s not good news for us,-Will and Tom have been with us 2 years and what a great two years it’s been. When you think that three years ago we only had a Market stall (not just any market stall, but still) you can guess what working for BW implies, very little time to fuss around, constantly having to adapt while your JD is being rewritten.

Fervent believers in Borough Wines, they contributed greatly to the project. Will was my left arm and everybody else’s right arm.  There was nothing I/we couldn’t ask him. Tom did such a good job,

first at l’Entrepôt, then managing our Stoke Newington branch so well that I didn’t even need to know how the shop worked. I knew that one day they would move on but I secretly hoped that they were going to hang on a bit longer, even contemplating the idea of opening a brewery or distillery as a way to keep them on board.  It came as a bit of a shock when they told me. Why now? Now that the dust had settled down and the company is much less chaotic? Were they bored? No, they were  going to open their OWN beer business, on their OWN! And they didn’t even need us.

We had a lovely time at their leaving do on Sunday at L’Entrepôt with their colleagues and friends. It was a chance to remind ourselves how good our employees are, and how much they do for us. After a few drinks everyone got quite emotional, the leaving boys told us how much they had enjoyed their time at Borough Wines. When asked why that was, they said that they felt they were achieving something, making a difference, but more importantly they felt empowered and it made them realise that they too, could do it, and that you don’t even need heaps of money to set yourself free from the Man. Needless to say, it meant a lot to me. Good luck guys …(and thank you for not opening a wine shop.)

Clapton Craft is opening soon in…Clapton

Beer shop

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