A taste of the Med…

Sherry tasting at L’entrepot

Don’t know your Jerez from your Ximénez? Your Fino from your Palomino? Amontillado from Manzanilla? Even if you do, you’ll get a lot out of our sherry tasting – the latest in our ‘Meet the Maker’ series features Delgado Zuleta sherries and tapas from the kitchen at L’entrepot. £20 per ticket available from all our … Continue reading

What’s cooking? Pork Neck, Clams and Jerusalem Artichokes with Apatsagi Tramini

As part of our new ‘What’s Cooking Campaign’ we are going to post weekly a recipe for a dish one of us has cooked along with a suggested wine match and a couple of snap-shots. We don’t have direct affiliation with other grocers, but we try and get the best quality ingredients we can find … Continue reading

A very exciting year – What 2011 meant for us

Well, call it a super intense year. That’s 2011 for us. I know that retrospective articles are more suited for the end of the year frenzy. But the run-up for Xmas, and then New Years Eve found us busy serving customers at our stores. Thanks for all the support folks! These were some of the … Continue reading

Saturday Tasting – Fleur Ursuline

Every now and again it is good to take a different look at things you’re used to. Chateau Fleur Ursuline 2006 had been with us since we opened the shop on Wilton Way. Of course we know the wine. But in the world of wines there is always some new info to dig up. Ever … Continue reading

Saturday tasting – Winter beckons, and all I can think about is Rhone and Game

As we are getting into the cooler months, two precious delicacies are getting in season. Game and Rhone wine. For the game it is obvious: the animals are in their fittest condition, let’s put it this way, they are in their tastiest shape… And why Rhone wines? It just goes so well with game, like … Continue reading

Meeting The Maker – Lionel Razimbaud from Chateau Grezan

There isn’t much better than hearing it from the horses mouth. The opportunity to hear about wines from the makers themselves always adds an additional level of interest and comprehension to a wine. And Chateau Grezan is a great vineyard to learn more about – With 270 acres of vines, the majority of Chateau Grezan’s … Continue reading

Saturday Tasting – Viva La Dislexia with Fuisse and Fume

The world of wine is full of unpronounceable locations, not just in France, although this is common. Sometimes you can look a fool, but we all for the most part are cool with it – it’s part of the fun and education (There is nothing better than being on holiday and finding yourself in a … Continue reading

Saturday Tasting – Da Pope’s In Da House! Chateauneuf du Pape

Its quite rare to name a wine region after a real estate. It all began with a slap in the popes face… The Chateauneuf du Pape region was created because a then superpower French king had a bit of a dispute with the Vatican. It resulted in the popes hanging out for about 70 years … Continue reading

From humble beginnings, greatness can grow.

It is a subject that can be smothered in all solemness. It is often spoken with such reserve, and disected to one inch of its life, that the world of wine can appear exclusive and difficult to penetrate. But it isn’t always like this. Of course, when you get down to it, wine is simply … Continue reading