De Vilmont/Sade (not to be confused)

One of the joys of this job is looking into the background stories of wine. Not, perhaps, as consistently as great a joy as cracking open a bottle of the wine in question and drinking it – particularly when that wine is, for instance, a fine and rare Premier Cru Champagne – but still… So … Continue reading

Fine Art/Fine Wine

The launch of Gavin Turk’s new prints at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand was the place to be for those of us who appreciate a bit of fine art with our fine wine. His neon Door prints have been produced in collaboration with Galerie Simpson, and went down a storm with the suitably arty crowd – among them Turk … Continue reading

Roll out the Barrels!

Following on from the huge popularity of our barrel wines, we thought the next logical step had to be barrel beers, because just because you love wine, doesn’t mean you don’t love beer too, does it?  No.  And we’re very excited to announce that it’s a step we’ve now taken, in partnership with the East … Continue reading

Barrels on Broadway Market

For those of us who are not fond of crossing the park – either from laziness or, well, for any reason really, we have had you in mind, and this wee notification will cheer you. The lovely L’eau a La Bouche has now our barrel wine, and therefore you can forget your daily/weekly tredding across … Continue reading

L’entrepot’s daytime cafe is now open – focusing on good, local suppliers

For those who have come to visit us this week, you would have noticed that we have many parts to us – wine shop, wine bar, and food in the evenings. Over the next few months more feathers will be added to our hat, but the best thing to have happened in Hackney Downs this … Continue reading

L’Entrepot – our restaurant on Dalston Lane

L’Entrepot now has it’s own website. Please visit us at To make a reservation please call us on 0207 249 1176 or send an e-mail to: To see our current menu’s please visit our Facebook Page – and Twitter account   Part office, storage, wine shop and cafe, we have big dreams for this little … Continue reading

Happy Carignan Day

Initially I failed to see what an annual day in the name of a grape would do in the wonderful world of wine, but the announcement of today’s day of Carignan sparked my curiosity. And that is exactly what it’s meant to do. Being that we at Borough Wines have a deep affection for all things Languedoc, … Continue reading

Online sales and cheapskates Wednesdays

It’s not every day you hear of a business idea that isn’t original (online sales) about an industry that is over subscribed (wine retail) that has a record daily income of over 1 million bucks. They have been selling wine for over 26 years in a store in New Jersey, but it was in 2006 … Continue reading

A refreshing approach to tighter pockets

In these current times of austerity, we are all trying to find ways to continue our lives to how we are accustom but just a little more cheaply. We head to the sales a bit more, have folks over for dinner rather than out, and have replaced our time in the gym with the great … Continue reading

The French Paradox

The above named phenomena was the discovery of the century. Well, in relation to wine related discoveries at least. To surmise, it refers to the discovery that drinking red wine is good for your health. A small discovery yet a monumental one. If we go more into the detail, it will lead us into the … Continue reading