L’Entrepot – our restaurant on Dalston Lane

L’Entrepot now has it’s own website. Please visit us at www.lentrepot.co.uk. To make a reservation please call us on 0207 249 1176 or send an e-mail to: enquiries@lentrepot.co.uk To see our current menu’s please visit our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lentrepot/ and Twitter account https://twitter.com/Lentrepot_E8   Part office, storage, wine shop and cafe, we have big dreams for this little … Continue reading

Make Your Own Wine? – A novel way to make it personal

The world is getting back into touch with the many things that have long been industrialised and therefore a bit of a mystery. We are all making cheese these days in the back of the laundry, and the handcraft of beer has recently seen a boom of interest. Now, in a corner of Oregon, we … Continue reading

Ora et Labora – Monk’s who do god’s work for winelovers

“Pray and work!” said the rule for the St Benedict`s monks. And that’s what they do, every day since. We found a great monastery in Hungary, who apply this ethic to the vineyards. A monk and a vineyard is always a great combination – and in this instance the theory was true again. Put down … Continue reading

A very exciting year – What 2011 meant for us

Well, call it a super intense year. That’s 2011 for us. I know that retrospective articles are more suited for the end of the year frenzy. But the run-up for Xmas, and then New Years Eve found us busy serving customers at our stores. Thanks for all the support folks! These were some of the … Continue reading

Lebanese Wine gets a mention

In Saturday’s paper, Lebanese wine got a mention in the travel section of the Guardian. I was so pleased to see this, not only because another wine region was mentioned as a destination for holiday goers (always a favourite of mine), but because Lebanon is getting some long awaited coverage for their fantastic wines. We … Continue reading

South Africa’s Bio-Dynamic wine leader – Johan Reyneke

Sometimes you meet people and you know that they are of the earth. Years of commercial farming in the last century has separated the farmer from the earth more than ever before. I still believe however that the best wine producers, regardless of their methodology, develop a close and meaningful relationship with their land and … Continue reading

Thierry’s modern approach in the Loire

We didn’t start out right.. Firstly, we arrived on a Monday. At 12.30. A disgruntled Thierry told us to come back tomorrow. He was having lunch. So we did. At 11.55. We hadn’t meant to, but the events prior to our arrival had delayed us, and then we got lost. He didn’t look happy. Suprisingly, … Continue reading

We’re all going on a Ho-loire-day…

This time next week I will be sunning myself on the river Loire, with a glass of one of it’s fine wines. I am not writing this in attempt to make you envious – I am sure you all have had or about to have, your own fabulous holiday – and my trip is with my … Continue reading